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We hope you enjoy this newly cast version of the website which provides a different approach to the previous version. Whilst carrying much of the original information, apart from being visually more attractive, it has been updated where relevant but is now intended to be a history resource rather than a place for discussion which is now moved to our Facebook site. That site can be reached instantly by tapping on the Facebook ‘F’ symbol at the bottom of every page. If you wish to comment on anything on the website please go to Facebook and let everyone know what you are commenting on so that we can provide information or widen the question as necessary. Any historic information of significance can be added back to the website for future users where it should prove easier to find when collated with the relevant section. This is a HISTORY website with many photos & pictures to enjoy.

The Aim of this Website:

To provide a largely visual guide to the history of a special and ancient Parish located in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the County of East Sussex in the South-East of England.

The subject is so broad that the task may never be complete but at least it should provide one location, for anyone who is interested in the area, worldwide, with a place to start. There is both ancient and modern history and everything in between. There are places and people, iron workings and ancient woods, railway history, roads, services, schools, churches, houses, farms – even Winnie the Pooh.

The Hartfield History Group (HHG)

Hartfield and District History Group
The logo has been simplified to match the common use of the initials HHG. This does not mean that the ‘District’ has been forgotten but just left out of the title.

The Hartfield History Group was formed in 1972 to discover and record the history of the small Parish of Hartfield and the Surrounding District of East Sussex. It has thus been in existence for longer than many local history groups or societies and certainly before the advent of the world of the website which we are attempting to serve here for a much larger audience.

‘Flip Books’

There have been many publications produced by members of the HHG over the years as small booklets recounting stories and past history, most being printed as ‘Hartfield Times’. These have invaluable historic detail and have now been translated into ‘flip books’ that can be read online. This is particularly useful as many aspects of this website relate to stories that can provide additional detail. Where this is the case the intention is to make a link or point you towards the relevant issue of Hartfield Times for further reading.

There is also a flip book of the History of The Parish and St Mary’s researched by the Rev PDS Blake.

Membership of the Hartfield History Group

Membership of The History Group provides access to monthly meetings in the Village Hall on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 7:30 pm, except December and August when there is no meeting. Local walks or activities are arranged for the summer months and there is an annual ‘social’.

(See Current Programme & rates.) The programme is made available to all members on-line.

Annual membership starts at the January meeting.

Non members are welcome to each meeting for which there is a charge at the door.

Walks and visits may be separately charged but will be advised in advance.

A great deal of work has been carried out over many years by our local historian Mike Parcell and others and we are sure that the world-wide community will also be fascinated by the history of this special – and ancient – parish.

If you wish to become a Member please email: info.hartfieldhistorygroup@gmail.com Should this link not connect directly with your email program please just use it as an email address to make contact.

Hartfield History Facebook

We have a popular space on Facebook that has several hundred followers and many subjects raised by the readership. Some will be worth including as permanent features on this website to ensure the details are retained for posterity and may well be easier to find. Click on the ‘F’ in the border below.

Click on Hartfield History for access to most pages and then why not start your search with Origins or perhaps the High Street Introduction